M&A tax structuring 

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M&A transactions can provide unique opportunities to improve tax efficiency. Tax risks need to be well managed and a suitable tax structure for the transaction which either minimises tax inefficiency or offers opportunities for tax efficiency to be introduced may need to be designed.

Intergrated M&A tax services

Is this your situation?
Are you considering acquiring or disposing a business in China or Hong Kong? Are you considering having Hong Kong as a regional holding company? If so, the existing organisational and tax structure of the seller/acquirer needs to be taken into consideration in order to achieve and improve tax efficiency.

Our M&A tax structuring professionals are organized in industry-specific teams to provide the broad-based knowledge you need in capturing the upside potentials and downside risks in the advent of major M&A transactions.

Our products

Our M&A tax structuring team can offer the following products:
  • Structuring to ensure efficiency from a tax, commercial and financial perspective as well as to optimise net cash flows;
  • Assessment and management of acquisition/merger risk from a tax perspective;
  • Supporting the transaction through the implementation stage with a focus on strategic priorities;
  • Post-deal integration, management and solutions
How we can help you?
The spotlight has been rapidly shifting its course with its focus on Asia. The prospect of growth in Asia continues to be strong. In particular, PwC Hong Kong and our network of M&A tax professionals is well placed to facilitate and coordinate M&A transactions from a central location. Hong Kong has been a gateway for investments into the Asia Pacific region and our M&A professionals have amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge with cross border transactions both inbound and outbound.

We have one of the largest networks of M&A tax specialists in the world with more than 7000 deals experienced tax professionals across our global network. We can offer you experienced deal structuring and financing advice at all points throughout the deal cycle and, aside from our tax specialists, our transaction services, corporate finance and legal specialists can support you in all aspects of the transaction as one team.
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