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Initial Public Offering: Are You Ready? 

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In this video:
  • An introduction of IPO readiness services by Kennedy Liu, Head of China/Hong Kong, Capital Market Services Group.
  • Seven FAQs about IPO readiness by Daniel Barker, Senior Manager of Capital Market Services Group.
    • What has changed in the IPO market?
    • What do we mean by “IPO ready”?
    • What are the key issues in the “going public” phase?
    • What about the “being public” phase?
    • How do I know if I am IPO ready?
    • What does an IPO readiness assessment look like?
    • What are people saying about IPO readiness assessments?

For enquiries and further information needed, please contact Geoffrey Tang (+[852] 2289 1886 email me) and Dan Barker (+[852] 2289 1570 email me) in Capital Markets Services Group whenever we can assist. We will continue to share with you some of the important changes and updates relating to financials, accounting, regulations and markets.
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